Latest documentary film – Kaleidoscope of a life

Latest documentary film – Kaleidoscope of a life

WeGo Productions is very proud to start this year by unvolving its latest production.

A 110 minute documentary entitled Kaleidoscope of a Life, starring the therapist and noveller Serge Leautier.
Dir & DOP : Jean-Claude Flaccomio

“Touring France and abroad Serge Leautier walks in the footsteps of a retired journalist named Robert Jourdan, the main fictional character of his latest novel.
Using Robert Jourdan Serge helps us achieve a balanced life, and awake our senses to freedom and happiness.”

Kaleidoscope of a life is a documentary film about the writer therapist Serge Leautier that takes the viewer through the writing and the reading of his latest novel, from which the film takes its title. With his feet strongly anchored onto the ground, his eyes turned to the sky, Serge tells the tale of his life, elegant like a rainbow kite.

The journey with this man broken by childhood illness, who has nevertheless managed to rebuild himself, takes the viewer to the discovery of emblematic personalities, some of which are strongly connected to his novel.

This film has multiple readings. It can be regarded as an existential therapy, presenting a new way of reaching a life balance through surroundings that could be in turn rational, poetical, or scientific. The film offers a philosophy to heal the burden of our societies. It is a narrative wander into the research, the writing and the reading of the book, or simply a cinema and literary experience to live and share.